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8 Supercharged foods for Beautiful Skin


“Eat, Drink and be merry” almost everyone is acquainted with this striking proverb that links to the essentials as well as a key to lead a healthier and good life. But only few people know that eating is not only important for health maintenance but beyond the necessity fact, it is also helpful in enhancing our beauty. In fact, what we eat directly affect our skin. If we eat healthy then we get prettier and beautiful skin. Beauty starts from our face and the most important thing in our face is “skin”. Soft skin plays a vital role in enhancing our beauty. For a healthy looking skin we require healthy bodies. No matter how much cosmetic products we use, we cannot get a naturally beautiful skin unless we control what we eat.Moreover, the skin is often the outward indicator of inner health. Instead of directing specific foods for healthy skin, focus on your overall healthy diet. Eat lavish fruits and vegetables. Pick low-fat or fat-free dairy goods. Put nuts, seeds and beans in your much loved meals. Choose full-grain breads and pasta. Stop eating sweets or limit it. Struggle for change for the reason that you are adopting healthy habits because all we need is to direct ourselves to some supercharged foods. Here are some of the supercharged food best recommended for your skin


Pomegranates are good in polyphenol antioxidants which is always good for your skin. Polyphenol antioxidants control your skin’s blood flow by fighting free radicals. Consequently, they offer it a good aroma and make it soft. You can also make pomegranate juice, just drink a few glasses of Pomegranate juice or eat a Pomegranate every day and find your skin healthy and glowing. Moreover, if you apply this fruit on your skin or use it as a mask then its antioxidants will nourish the skin and help in removing wrinkles.

Olive and Coconut Oil:

Healthy oils holds fatty acids. So putting up into your salad with a little olive oil and vinegar is not a bad idea for sure. Seek this cold-pressed oil that has not been excessively sort out and which eliminates crucial nutrients. Oils like olive or coconut are great moisturizers that works great for skin and are much economical and possibly purer and more chemical-free than the expensive so-called creams and lotions you buy from a store.


Salmon holds vital Omega-3 fatty acids the body cannot make on itself. They support cell membranes by permitting a well flow of nutrients and holding water in, so your skin looks moist and soft.


According to some well-known food experts avocados is the great supercharged food.  The super hydrating and gentle omega fatty acids in avocados make skin look soft and glowing and reduceirritation, redness and even acne. You can also use it as a mask for your skin.


Full of minerals and proteins to help even out skin tone and ease skin blemishing. Half a cup to a cup should be ample to yield results, you can also get the skin benefits through drinking Soy milk.


Chocolate contains high amount of cocoa which keeps your skin hydrated. Hence, it makes your skin more soft and glowing. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonol, which is a tremendous antioxidant. According to many dermatologists, flavonol isimportant for healthy skin. Eating chocolate which encloses 70% cocoa offers maximum flavonol content.  It will sound strange to you that most dermatologists,advice to apply dark chocolate on your skin.

Green Tea:

Adopt a habit of having some green tea daily. Not only does it makes your belly flat and giving you a sense of well-being. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that relax the skin and may even lessen the risk of skin cancer.

Low-Fat Yogurt:

Like all dairy products the low fat yogurt is filled with vitamin A and is important for good skin look. But it also have live bacteria that support in regulating the digestive system, which in effect, results in glowing skin.